1. How much does the initial phase cost?

    To begin the RainPharma diet you will need a diet box, which contains all the products you need for a successful start. The box contains RainPharma products worth about € 500, but the price also includes free coaching throughout the entire diet period worth an additional € 525. However, you pay only € 475 for the entire package consisting of the box and a full year of coaching. This means that you benefit greatly at the start of the diet! Starting with a box that contains all of the required products helps prevent people from embarking on a diet impulsively or without being fully motivated. After all, beginning a diet requires careful consideration, and the more people who do so, the better that reflects on us.

  2. How much do the further phases cost?

    That depends on your individual situation and weight-loss goal, as they will determine how many of our products you will continue to use. You will need more at the beginning of the process, but significantly fewer as the diet progresses.

  3. What else can I eat?

    In the beginning you will need to avoid bread and pasta (carbohydrates), but you can continue to eat vegetables, meat, fish and eggs regularly. How long this phase lasts depends on how much weight you aim to lose, but it will never be more than 12 weeks. In the second phase you can eat anything you like except candy. And in the third phase you only need to remember a few simple guidelines in order to maintain your new weight. During the intake interview you will receive a handy booklet with convenient and delicious recipes – so good you may even forget you are on a diet!

  4. Will the weight stay off for good?

    The human body is a living organism. If you have your teeth whitened but continue to smoke, they will lose their sparkle again. If you have a pedicure and then neglect your feet, your calluses will come back. Weight loss works on the same principle. If you go back to an unhealthy eating pattern, you should expect to regain some weight. There is just no way around that. By the way, did you know that it can take your body up to a year to get used to a new, healthy weight? That is why we offer a year’s worth of coaching at your ideal weight. This coaching is included in the price of our products, and you will not have to pay for any additional services. We prefer to keep you under our wing for a full year for best results.

  5. What does it matter which diet I choose? 

    Every history teacher studies the same facts, but you might still prefer one to the other. Just like you prefer to take your car to a particular garage. Dieting is just the same. Before you start it is important to have an introductory chat with a consultant to see how you get along and to find out if he or she is the best person for you. Moreover, there are a number of criteria for determining whether you are getting the service you deserve:

    Do you get a full 60 minutes of information during the first meeting
    Do you start with a Rain Diet box? Is the box sealed?
    Can the consultant answer all of your critical questions satisfactorily?

  6. Do I really need the coaching?

    It’s a free country, and anyone can purchase RainPharma products. However, the Rain Diet has some specific rules, and even if you follow them you may not still lose weight as you hope. That is when you will want someone to help you find out why, and to help you get back on track. We know from experience that going it alone usually means getting less out of the programme than you could.

  7. Is it a good diet?

    Of course, we at RainPharma are absolutely enthusiastic about the Rain Diet, but that is to be expected. We honestly believe it is a good diet. It is not a protein diet in the strictest sense, nor a carbohydrate-free diet, nor a crash diet, simply an effective blend of traditional dieting knowledge and updated insights. Moreover, the initial phase of the diet is highly motivating thanks to its rapid weight-loss results. For this reason, even objective observers would agree that the RainPharma diet offers both a beneficial quick start and long-term stability.

  8. Can’t I just get more exercise, or watch what I eat? 

    Of course. Everyone agrees that exercise and balanced nutrition are the foundations of healthy weight maintenance. However, what if you are a few kilos over a healthy weight? Many people simply turn to diet bars, juice detoxes or low-fat products. These are not always healthy choices, and it is easy to gain back the same amount of weight – or more. The RainPharma diet is not the world’s one and only weight-loss diet. But it is a solid, encouraging programme for achieving a healthy weight.

  9. Should I consult my doctor first?

    We cannot require you to do so, but we definitely think you should. A general blood test and a chat with your GP can confirm that you are in good shape physically and mentally. Of course, it is handy to refer your doctor to the RainPharma website to become familiar with our programme, and he or she can always contact us with any specific questions. Furthermore, if you compare your initial blood results with others taken later, both you and your doctor will see just how much your health has improved.

  10. Is there an easier version of this diet?

    For people who are not quite ready to commit to the full programme, we have developed the Smart Nutrition Project, a very simple and affordable version of the original Rain Diet. The motto of this project is ‘every little thing counts when it comes to healthy weight’. This version of the diet is beneficial for people who want to lose two or three kilos before a holiday, for example. The only thing to remember is that this is not the full Rain Diet.


  1. Wich payment methods can I use?

    You an use iDEAL (By Mollie) or you can use your Creditcard (By Stripe)


  1. What are the shipping costs

    The shipping costs for the Netherlands are 6.00 euros. We only ship to the Netherlands for now.